Posted in Modules / Addons on 3, Apr 2012

PrestaShop Add-ons are the most valuable part of the Prestashop Development platform. Using Prestashop add-ons you can easily extend the functionality of your online store and automate a number of time consuming and tedious tasks. The Prestashop Flexi Product Search and Filter Addon is one such amazing add-on that offers your customers the best ever online shopping experience. It allows your customers to easily filter products in the manner they want and get product information quickly.

The Prestashop Flexi Product Search and Filter Addon uses the AJAX technology to offer wonderful product filter options to your end users. Your customers can choose and filter products according to

  • Alphabets
  • Categories
  • Manufacturers’ name or brand
  • Prices
  • Pre mentioned price range
  • Features

This add-on can be easily installed and used in the manner you want. The Prestashop Flexi Product Search and Filter Addon is compatible with Prestashop version v1.4.0.1 – v1.4.7. The advanced filter options offered by this add-on can highly satisfy your customers and makes sure that they keep coming back to your Prestashop online store.


  • Easy to use admin panel. You can configure that your customers can use to filter and search products.
  • Facility for No. of products to be displayed in search results
  • The filter block position can be either left or right
  • Admin configuration for display Search box by keyword in Filter block
  • Display no. of results per page block and for given search text
  • Set up default Sort order in search results. You can have the product name and price in either ascending or descending order.

Benefits offered

One of the biggest advantages offered by the Prestashop Flexi Product Search and Filter Addon is that all the values used for filters listed in the individual blocks are hyperlinked and the block will be listed only if the block or all the attributes are enabled. Next, customers have a variety of filter options to choose from for instance, alphabetically, product attributes, price range etc. Online merchants can easily configure the add-on to suit their online store needs.

The AJAX filter technology used for this add-on is simply remarkable. Customers can search products immediately on landing your Prestashop E-commerce website. Within seconds they can have all the necessary product information they are looking for. The ease with which the Prestashop Flexi Product Search and Filter Addon can be used is truly remarkable.