Posted in Prestashop Development on 26, Mar 2012

Somebody has said it right that looks matter a lot in today’s world. Well, the same goes true for online shops as well. If your web-based shop is not attractive, you cannot convert visitors into buyers. The manner in which your products are displayed on the virtual platform to a large extent depends on the ecommerce framework you choose. Not having the flexibility to control the looks of product displays will only add upto your frustration. Therefore, go for PrestaShop ecommerce shopping cart software to build spellbinding online stores that offer complete freedom in managing the product displays & looks. Let’s find out how PrestaShop Development can help you display products in an appealing manner and bring additional sales.

To begin with, PrestaShop offers countless possibilities to online merchants in displaying products. Offering customers a wide array of product view options is the first step towards success in the ecommerce world. Customers always want more choices. So, PrestaShop lets you fulfill that need in the best manner. Right from offering multiple product views to zoom in features, PrestaShop Customization lets you boost conversion rates like never before. Check out for yourself –

  • Multiple Images Per Product

    How about displaying as many product images as you want? Well, PrestaShop certainly allows you to do that. Customers, too, get a better idea about the product they are purchasing because of the multi-view option. This greatly helps in improving conversion rates for your web-based shop!

  • Wishlist

    Providing your customers the opportunity to create wish-lists for future purchases is a great way to enhance product sales. With Prestashop, your customers can create wish lists and save products. The best part is that you can send automated emails to them reminding about their wish lists and purchases.

  • Send to a Friend

    Customers are said to be your best marketers. Allow them to send emails about a product to their friends and shoot up your annual revenues. This option also allows customers to send products via their favourite social networking site as well.

  • Showcase Product Quantities

    PrestaShop helps internet retailers to display the available quantities of a product for the convenience of your customers. As soon as products are bought the in-stock quantity gets reduced in the product display page. This is a very unique way to encourage customers to buy products quickly before the stock finishes.

  • Product Reviews

    Provide your customers a chance to say how your product is and you will be amazed with the results you get! Yes, PrestaShop offers amazing Product Review option wherein customers can post reviews in real-time. Other customers can read the reviews and make better purchase-decisions.

  • Display Related Products

    PrestaShop provides excellent up-sell opportunities to internet retailers who want to improve their brand sales. For instance, displaying accessories with a dress will certainly pave way to greater sales. You can display all this while customers browse a product page or during check out.

With all these features by your side, you can definitely enhance customer satisfaction, product sales and annual ROI too. So, go for PrestaShop Web Development to set up a professional, good-looking and revenue-generating online shop!