Keep your Prestashop E-commerce Store updated with new features and functionalities

Prestashop Upgradation is essential for the smooth functioning of your E-commerce store. Upgradation offers many advantages in the form of improved E-commerce features and security fixes. However, Prestashop upgradation is a bit complex process. Therefore, you should always hire an expert for upgrading your online store. Consult the Prestashop Upgradation Experts at yPrestaShop, one of the fastest growing Prestashop E-commerce Development companies in India.

We have ample experience in upgrading online stores and shopping carts. Our upgradation experts recommend the best Prestashop versions for the changing needs of your E-commerce enterprise and help you upgrade your store in less time. We guarantee no data loss during the Prestashop upgradation process. Before actually upgrading your Prestashop store, we take a complete database back-up.

Our Prestashop Upgradation Solutions

  • Prestashop Store Upgradation

    Does your online store function slowly? Are you frustrated with bug issues? Then, it’s time for you to upgrade your Prestashop E-commerce store. Rely on our upgradation experts for Prestashop Store Upgradation. Our team will help you with Prestashop core code upgrades and allow you to benefit from enhanced features and functionalities. We help upgrade features like product management, inventory management, accounting, shipping, reporting and much more.

  • Prestashop 1.4 Upgrade

    In case you are running your Prestashop online store on lower versions, then we offer Prestashop 1.4 Upgrade services. These services allow you to upgrade your online store to Prestashop 1.4 version. With Prestashop 1.4 you benefit from additional features, functionalities and bug fixes too. The new features will allow you to optimize sales, improve conversion rates and enhance profit levels.

  • Prestashop Template/Theme Upgradation

    We help keep your online store attractive through our reliable Prestashop template upgrade services. Our team of Prestashop upgradation experts carefully inspects your Prestashop themes/templates and accordingly upgrades them. Just outsource your Prestashop theme and template upgradation projects to us and see your online business grow like never before.

  • Prestashop Module Upgradation

    Modules, too, need to be upgraded otherwise you face compatibility issues with different Prestashop versions. Our technical team upgrades Prestashop modules and makes sure that they run in a hassle free manner. In fact, when we design and develop customized modules of our clients, we make sure that the Prestashop modules run smoothly on all versions of Prestashop including Prestashop 1.4 and Prestashop 1.5.

  • Prestashop Database Restore and Repair

    We also offer upgradation and repair services for the database of your Prestashop E-commerce Store. Database is undoubtedly the most crucial part of your online store which holds important information. And, you simply cannot afford to keep it outdated. We help you in upgrading and restoring database so that your Prestashop online store runs in a flawless manner.

Why go for Prestashop Upgradation from yPrestaShop?

  • Years of experience in upgrading E-commerce shops including version upgrade, core code upgrades, theme and template upgrades.
  • Improved search engine rankings of your Prestashop E-commerce Store.
  • Enhanced navigation and layout which will allow you to attract more customers.
  • Best technical support and maintenance solutions at affordable rates.
  • Affordable Prestashop upgradation solutions that suit your limited budget.
  • Quick turnaround time.