Posted in Tips & Tricks on 3, Apr 2012

The Product Page is one of the most important parts of your Prestashop online store. Hence it is necessary that you take extra care in designing the product page. Each and every element of the product page should be given due attention. In case you are not a designing expert, you can always ask your Prestashop development services provider to do the needful for you. Otherwise you can also hire a dedicated Prestashop E-commerce developer to improve the product page.

Mentioned below are some guidelines through which you can improve the product page of your online store.

  • First you need to work on the Product Title. Now, title is very important as far as your customers and search engine rankings are concerned. Always have lucid and user friendly product titles. Have a product title that is meaningful. This helps your customers in knowing what you have to offer and also addresses the search engine optimization aspects.
  • Next, never forget to use breadcrumbs for navigation. This helps customers in getting product information easily by quickly browsing through the product categories and sub categories. It also helps them know where they are once they land on your Prestashop E-commerce website.
  • Perhaps, the most important part of the product page is the product image. Make sure that you use professional and neat product images that help your customers in making a better purchase decision. Allow them to view multiple images per product. Also, have the zoom-in and out facility so that the visitors have a better view of the products. This also helps improve your conversion rates.
  • Prestashop customization is also about online branding of your Prestashop online store. Make sure that you clearly display the brands of the products you are selling. Customers like it.
  • Online merchants must also take care of the fact that the product prices must be clearly displayed in order to avoid the confusion in the minds of customers. If you don’t display the product prices properly, you are sure to lose out on potential customers.
  • Another area which online merchants neglect is the display of shipping costs. It can be quite annoying for your customers to know the shipping costs once they check-out, this might also cause them to abandon the shopping cart. In order to avoid all this, make sure that you communicate the shipping costs involved clearly and at the right place.
  • Use some Prestashop modules and add-ons that help display products in a better manner. You can also ask a professional Prestashop Development company to design a customized Prestashop module for your product page to improve its overall effectiveness. Experienced Prestashop E-commerce solutions providers offer brilliant Prestashop module development services.
  • Integrate your product page with popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. Allow your customers to recommend products from your store via e-mails or social networking sites.
  • Another important part is product description. Never use too much flowery language and avoid using technical terms. Try and convince your visitors by using simple product descriptions yet in a tactful manner.
  • Lastly, allow your customers to rate and review products. This helps other customers in making better decisions on product purchases. Provide a feature wherein customers can see product reviews besides product descriptions. This helps a lot.